Leadership Team

  • Paul Horrocks

    Paul Horrocks

    President & Co-Founder

    Paul has a unique background in both digital marketing and retail financial services. He first learned digital marketing in the late 90s while working at online tech start-ups Spree.com and Paytrust. At Paytrust, Paul brought analytical discipline to online marketing to help bring customer acquisition cost down by 75%. He also built one of the largest online affiliate programs and used a data-driven process to optimize the marketing spend.

    After attending grad school, Paul entered the insurance industry to specifically focus on the growing need for retirement income among the baby boomers. At New York Life, Paul held a number of product and marketing roles. He managed an income annuity product line with more than $1B in annual sales. He also grew overall insurance product sales by more than $1B annually through expanded partnerships. Finally, he built the industry leading deferred income annuity – one of the fastest growing annuity products in New York Life’s history.

    Paul co-founded MyNameFlow to help Advisors succeed in capturing more clients. He was troubled by the lack of prospecting systems to help Advisors reach their friends and acquaintances. Paul believes, as an industry, we can create better technology to help more Advisors succeed, creating more jobs and reducing the number of uninsured consumers.

    Paul has an undergrad degree from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania and an MBA from Columbia.

  • John Horrocks

    John Horrocks

    CTO & Co-Founder

    John has a background in engineering and programming with more than 15 years building technology specifically for the insurance industry. John started his career in technology consulting with Sapient supporting start-up companies. John later worked for a technology start-up that built a multi-channel messaging platform for business to consumer companies.

    John then entered the Insurance industry in a role with Marsh building custom solutions for claims management software. John later moved to MetLife where he helped build a series of CRM and marketing tools that supported more than 1,000 wholesalers and more than 100,000 Advisors.

    John believes that you have two choices when providing technology to Advisors. You can train all your Advisors to change their process to match the workflow of existing software or you can build software that matches your Advisors’ workflow. John co-founded MyNameFlow with the belief that we can help more Advisors succeed by building prospecting systems that match the Advisors’ workflow.

    John has an undergraduate degree in Engineering from the University of Pennsylvania.